What is the difference between COR-TEN and Weathering Steel?
Weathering Steel is a steel alloy often referred to as COR-TEN. COR-TEN steel is the trademarked name of a product registered and branded by U.S. Steel.  COR-TEN received the standard designation A242 "COR-TEN A" from the ASTM international standards group. Newer ASTM grades are A588 "COR-TEN B" and A606 for thin sheet. The alloys are nearly identical in production, use and aesthetic.           

How much will it cost?
Raw material and fabrication costs vary significantly project to project. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will work diligently to develop a proposal for you. We pride ourselves in being both competitive and agile. In order to get the most complete pricing proposal, please contact us with project requirements such as; material type, take-off areas, shaping and special fab requirements, attachment preference, 1 or 2 sided finishing, and target delivery date.​

What are my fastening options?
DMD surfaces can be attached to one another or to other materials by all conventional methods of attachments – rivets, bolts, screws, welding or structural adhesives. To maintain the same appearance characteristics when exposed fasteners are chosen, select weathered fastening hardware is available.                                                                                                                                                                                   

What are the fabrication options?
DMD metals can be CNC drilled, routed, cut and formed to your specification. Or should you want to simplify the detailing requirements, you may choose one of our standardized fit solutions. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific fabrication requirements.

Can DMD material be fabricated after it has been finished?
While DMD products periodically need to be delivered as flat stock, every effort is made to pre-fabricate all forms before any finish work is done to preserve the time earned patinas. 

Does DMD provide detailing and engineering services?
Yes, DMD offers these services upon request. We can assist with simple sizing and attachment design support to fully delegated design and engineering packages for complex scopes.

What is the lead time and geographic availability?
DMD’s metal sourcing, leveling and cleaning all happen before our factory weathering begins. Only then will our metals be fabricated and patinas developed to meet your project needs. This process takes between 2 and 6 months, depending on the project scope. Our products are distributed worldwide. In some cases, a remote weatherization plant can be set up to perform the finish work near a raw material source, logistics center, or job site.

Does DMD offer installation services?
We focus exclusively on the design and manufacturing of architectural metals. We also have a network of trusted installers that we can call upon as needed.

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