​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dissimilar Metal Design is an architectural ​metals company based in Bremerton, WA across Elliot Bay from Seattle.  Our team designs, engineers, and manufactures premium weatherized exterior facades, landscape elements, and interior wall systems from the best sources of natural metals. 

DMD began​ ​as a small ​metal workshop​ ​in Ballard and has evolved into a leader in the facade market, having supplied built projects around the globe. ​ Drawing inspiration from the natural​ly occurring​ oxidation process found in nature, Dissimilar Metal Design accelerates ​and stabilizes ​the ​aging process that could take ​years or otherwise be impossible ​to achieve a client's desired aesthetic. ​Taking an artist​ic​ method ensures ​completely unique ​creations and we welcome a collaborative approach. 

Trusted by the top names in design and construction