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Interior Design Magazine: Echo Global Logistics  Architectural Record:  Ft. McMurray International Airport
Architectural Record:  
City of Hope, Kaplan Pavilion
Bainbridge Island Gateway
​E Architect:  
Barclays Center New York
                                Arch Daily:​​  Kaplan Pavilion at City of Hope 

Dissimilar Metal Design is an architectural ​metals company based outside of Seattle, WA.  Our team designs and manufactures premium weatherized exterior facades, landscape elements, and interior wall systems from Steel, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Zinc, Aluminum​ and Stainless ​parent metal. 

DMD began​ ​as a small ​metal studio​ ​and has now evolved into a leader in the facade market with built projects spanning the globe. ​ Taking a cue from the natural​ly occurring​ oxidation process found in nature, Dissimilar Metal Design accelerates ​and stabilizes ​the ​aging process that would typically take ​years ​to achieve a clients desired aesthetic. ​Taking an artist​ic​ approach ensures ​completely unique ​creations and a truly collaborative approach. 

Today, Dissimilar Metal Design continues to expand ​our capabilities.  ​Our products​ and expertise​ have been used ​to construct some of the world’s most recognized structures such as the Barclays Center Arena in Brooklyn, the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul, Korea and ​recently finished​ Chevron Campus in Texas.  We look forward to ​collaborating with you to write ​the next chapter of ​design and architecture.